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Phone (850) 259-8014

Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning Services in Mary Esther, FL

Thorough Office Cleaning Services in Mary Esther, FL

Cleanliness is a vital part of keeping your company ready for the challenges of efficient operation. At Clean Solutions, LLC, we want to make maintaining your space as easy as possible. With a dedicated team and all the tools necessary to tackle tough messes, we are your one-call option for office cleaning services in Mary Esther, FL.

Give your employees an environment they can be proud of and feel confident when prospective partners and other visitors stop by to do business. We go above and beyond to provide comprehensive results by tailoring our work to fit the needs of your office. When you choose us, you can count on office cleaning tasks being completed at the highest standards for a sparkling, spotless space.

Covering the Complete Workplace

Our team understands that busy operations lead to dirt, dust, and other issues in plenty of places -- both obvious and unexpected. That’s why we work hard to address every area of concern, leaving clients with a picture-perfect and spotless area in which to drive success. We offer numerous business cleaning services, such as:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Handle and Switch Wiping
  • Window and Glass Solutions
  • Vacuuming, Sweeping, and Mopping

No matter what challenges your company encounters, count on us to keep your business clean. With our cleaners on your side, you can focus on leading the market and leave messes to your partners in safe, efficient office environment management.

Carpet Cleaning

We can provide carpet cleaning service and keeping your floors clean by using an eco-friendly hydrogen peroxide cleaner. This thoroughly cleans your carpet, leaving it stain-free and looking great!

Cleaning of Common Areas

Clean Solutions also provides janitorial services to keep common areas clean, including stairwells and elevators. We can assign the same porter each day to keep your common area clean and spotless.