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Phone (850) 259-8014

Janitorial Services

Janitorial Cleaning Services - Emerald Coast of Florida

We provide 100% custom cleaning services for any type of facility of any size. From a small local office, to government facilities, multi-location medical facilities to restaurants, we cater to your budget and specific needs. See our cleaning services for types of services we provide.

Deep Cleaning Service You Can Count On

When you hire our office and commercial cleaning professionals to handle the business cleaning needs of your establishment, you should get a cleaning service that doesn’t leave gaps in your coverage. Our team works hard to provide comprehensive options that ensure your complete peace of mind with one phone call.

We will work with you to decide which services best meet your needs. Some of our most common options include.
Our flexibility and customizable commercial cleaning service options allow us to better meet your specific needs. Give your customers confidence in your business and your employees a better place to work with an office professionally cleaned by our capable team. 

Janitorial Cleaning Services Provided:

Our office cleaning services commonly include the following:

• Cleaning Interior Glass and Other Glass Surfaces as Needed
• Dusting Accessible Windowsills, Baseboards, and Other Flat Surfaces with Specially Treated Cloth
• Removing Cobwebs
• Wiping Light Switches, Doors, and Door Handles
• Vacuuming Carpeted Areas
• Cleaning and Disinfecting Toilets, Sinks, and Vanities
• Cleaning Countertops, Shelves, Mirrors, and Partitions
• Sweeping and Mopping Tile, Ceramic, and Vinyl Floors
• Dusting and Wiping Furniture
• Dusting and Wiping Light Fixtures
• Cleaning Desk Equipment
• Cleaning Telephones
• Washing Water Fountains, Water Coolers, and Coffeemakers
• Refilling Soap and Paper Dispensers
• Emptying Wastebaskets and Other Receptacles for Sanitation Collection
• Dusting the Surfaces of Desks and File Cabinets
• Repositioning Furniture as Needed
• Cleaning the Inside and Outside of Microwaves and Other Appliances

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